Ethics & Responsibility

Contributing to better health and better living for a better world

At Provence Huiles, our goal is our passion: to become the most trustworthy and reliable company in our industry and a global reference in terms of ethics and responsibility. We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our products & processes and rise to the multiple challenges of a rapidly evolving marketplace.

  • We respect human rights, individual dignity and diversity.
  • The satisfaction of our customers and stakeholders is our priority. We undertake to act in their best interest at all times and do everything we can to meet, if not surpass, expectations.
  • We guarantee full and absolute compliance with all current norms, standards, laws and regulations applicable in each sector of our activity across the world.
Quality & Certifications

We believe that safety and quality are the backbone of our business. We guarantee full compliance with industry standards and the international, national and regional laws and regulations applicable in every sector and every country in which we operate.

Our food safety, food security & compliance team conduct rigorous checks to ensure that our products and manufacturing processes meet requirements at each step of the process, from raw material sourcing to shipment.

All our products have Kosher and Halal certification and we acquired FSSC 22000 certification in 2018. We deliver safe and high quality products to our business partners and to consumers all over the world.

Certifications: Kosher, Halal, FSSC 22000

  • At Provence Huiles, we are committed to the development of a sustainable society. By producing and selling premium oils to a health-conscious market, we contribute to the current and future well-being of individuals, communities and the environment. What is more, sustainability not only drives our product development, it also underpins our business model.
  • Grapeseed oil is made from a by-product of wine production so we contribute to both sustainable development and to the wine industry.
  • Grapeseed and sunflower cake is used as biofuel, fertilizer and animal feed, which contribute to CO2 reduction.