Our Activity
  • We produce premium French products in Provence and supply an international, health-conscious B2B market. Our main products are grapeseed oil and sunflower oil

  • Our products are used for cooking oil, food processing, cosmetics and chemical products around the world.


Sunflower Process


Grape Process

Supplying Value : Your Provence
  • Over time, we have developed strong relationships with French cooperatives, our principal business partners. We work hand in hand to maintain and improve the sustainability of French oil.

  • We select high quality raw materials which grow in the well-balanced temperatures and abundant sunshine of Provence. We crush close to source to ensure the freshness of our products.

  • French distilleries produce alcohol from grape pomace and supply us with grapeseeds, agricultural cooperatives supply us with sunflower seeds. The raw materials are sent to GHM in Beziers for crushing and extraction.

  • At our Vitrolles-based factory, we refine the crude oil supplied by GHM and produce premium quality vegetable oils “Made in Provence” for the food, cosmetics and chemicals industries. Our factory is very close to the Port of Marseille-Fos: the first port of France. second in the Mediterranean and amongst the most important maritime trading centres in the world.

Our Factory
  • Our factory is close to the Marseille/Fos-Sur-Mer port providing excellent access to bulk vessel and container shipping from the South of France.
  • We have tightly-knit relationships with French cooperatives which are our main business partners offering a steady supply of high quality raw materials.
  • We are able to deliver our clients by drums, IBC, trucks, iso tanks, bulk, flexitanks and even bulk vessel cargos depending on our customers’ needs.
Our Organisation
A story “Made in Provence”