Grapeseed Oil

Seeds of a healthy life…

  • member of Oleovitis which promotes real, pure and natural grapeseed oil
  • French origin, characteristically brillant green, clear oil with high fluidity
  • mild and discrete flavour allowing a wide range of uses (cooking oil,mayo, dressing…)
  • rich in Vitamin E and linoleic acid (good for health) • excellent alternative to olive oil
  • by-product of the wine industry, contributing to the protection of the environment, sustainable development and the green economy
Sunflower Oil

A taste of sunshine…

We can supply a wide variety of sunflower oils: crude, oleic, linoleic, refined, semi-refined, organic and several varieties of oleic acids.

  • high oleic sunflower oil, rich in vitamin E and good for the health
  • non-GMO, high quality raw materials from French cooperatives
  • carefully and responsibly sourced, guaranteed traceability
  • sustainable products which respect the environment and support local development / Made in France
  • attractive clear yellow colour
  • good oxidation stability and high smoke point
  • no particular odour and discrete taste
Other products
  • Refined rapeseed oil (French Origin, premium quality)

  • Refined avocado oil (traceable origin, reliable suppliers, premium quality)

  • Refined soybean oil (non-GMO type)

  • Other vegetable oils (EU origin)